Time to forget Coffee Shops – these are the best places to work from…

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Without a doubt, as a remote worker you’ve definitely spent some of your working days in a trendy coffee shop, and with good reason too. Working from home can be lonely at times, plus when you’re in your home office it’s all too easy to get distracted by familiar comforts (power nap anyone?). Also working from the same place you live is difficult – you could easily spend most of your time in one place, without needing to venture outside at all, which get’s a little ‘cabin feverish’ after a while.

Although coffee shops make a good base, these too can get dull after a while. Seriously, there is only so many coffees one person can drink in a week! It’s definitely time to switch things up and escape the ubiquitous exposed brick walls and endless croissants of coffee shops.


There are loads of gyms (or as some like to be known – fitness centres) that have fancy juice bars and somewhere for you to sit and eat something healthy after your workout. These spaces are also great for you to sit with your laptop for a while, after all, you’re paying for a membership so you might as well use it!


Ok, so I know here in London it’s not quite chilling-in-the-park-all-day weather, but when the glorious summertime eventually arrives, taking your laptop outside is a great idea. Many park cafe’s offer free wifi so why not grab an ice cream and sit on a table outside in the sun? Not only do you get to work on your tan (safely people, remember your sunscreen), you’ll get a healthy dose of fresh air and do some great work all at the same time.


Some museums have great spaces to work from like viewing points or restaurants, and they have free wifi too. They’re usually centrally located and easy to get to and some stay open late. Another great thing is that there are many that are free to enter, so it’ll only cost you the price of some food or a drink. Great spaces to check out are The British Museum, the Tate Modern (fab views here) and the Liverpool Maritime Museum.

And if all else fails, there’s always…

The Pub

Now hear me out. Yes, they might not be open early and daytime drinking when you have got actual work to do is probably not the best idea, but pubs can make a great place to work from! You can get a nice, proper cup of tea, some pretty decent snacks, and if your local happens to be a gastropub, you can get an excellent meal too. There’s usually a spot somewhere quiet, away from the somewhat too regular regulars, and you’ll have somewhere to plug in and get strong wifi. Perhaps the best thing though is the fact that once you are done for the day you can easily get yourself a glass of something far nicer than coffee, without having to travel anywhere. It’s a win-win!


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