This is how you can get your money up right now

Open a UK banking account instantly with the award-winning Monese mobile app. You don’t need a UK address and there are no credit checks. Try it free now.

We all have times when we could really do with some extra money, but getting more cash is harder than it seems. You usually have to try to borrow some money which leaves you in debt or you try to work your way to more money, but this isn’t usually paid instantly so it won’t solve the issue right now.

There are things you can do that can make you some extra money, fast! Here are a few suggestions:

Have a clearout

Then sell anything you think someone will buy. Before you throw anything away have a look to see what you could get for it online. Get on to Music Magpie and finally get rid off all your unused and unwanted gadgets and games that you have. It’s really simple, all you have to do is package up your old stuff and post it to them, then they’ll pay you! Also stick unwanted clothes or shoes on eBay, particularly if they are designer brands or vintage items. Gumtree is great if you want to get rid of bulkier items like furniture. You’ll find local people who will be willing to pay you for your item and then take it away for free.

Share your Monese referral code

Did you know that Monese has a referral scheme that lets you earn £5 every time someone uses your personal reference code to sign up and then makes their first deposit? All you need to do is share your personal reference code! There is no limit to a number of times you can share your code or how many times it can be used. You can share your code straight from the app too! So the more people who use it to sign up and make their first deposit, the more money you can get! Find out more about it here, and get sharing!

Sell your knowledge

If you are particularly skilled in something or you have a specialist job consider creating some training products like videos or eBooks that you can sell online. You’ll probably find that the most of the leg work comes when you need to market your products, but this is a great option if you already have a social following, as you can use this to get the word out. The good thing with this is that if it takes off you can pretty much relax and watch the money roll in. Plus it gives the perfect opportunity to make more money through creating follow-up products.


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