Bet you didn’t know we could do this…

Open a UK banking account instantly with the award-winning Monese mobile app. You don’t need a UK address and there are no credit checks. Try it free now.

Since our launch, Monese has pushed the boundaries of traditional banking. We’ve made it our mission to provide an innovative banking service that is inclusive for all. There are currently more than 138 million people who are locked out of financial services, with 9 million of them in the UK alone. We decided early on to find a way to make sure that no-one needs to go unbanked. We also wanted to simplify getting an account, really who has the time to go into the bank and provide up to 3 months worth of proof of address and various i.d checks? As you may know, we already allow anyone to open a UK current account incredibly fast. All you need is our iOS or Android app, and your passport or national i.d card and you could get your account in as little as 120 seconds. We don’t ask you to fill out any long forms, and we don’t need to see any proof that you have a UK address and we don’t conduct credit checks.

All that is great, but what else can we offer? Let’s look at some of our best features!

Direct payments

With Monese you don’t have to worry about how to get money in your account. As your account is a full UK current account you’ll be able to get paid directly, without having to ‘transfer’ money via a different source first. All you need to do is provide the person paying you your personal sort code and account number and they can use that to pay you straight into your Monese account.

International Money transfers

Sending money internationally with Monese costs you up to 8x less than sending via a high street bank. This is because we give you the real market exchange rate and only charge 0.5% of the transaction value. Plus all of this is controlled via the app. There’s no need for you to visit any branches – you can send money easily just by using the app!

Excellent support

Monese prides itself as having excellent support should you need our help for anything concerning our service or your account. There are many ways you can get in contact with us – via the app with in-app chat, call us, email and of course via our social channels too. The great thing is that you don’t need to bother worrying about dragging yourself down to a physical shop to get some help – you can do it all instantly and at your own convenience.

Referral scheme

Monese runs a referral scheme that will pay you £5 for free! All you have to do is share your unique referral code with your friends, then when they use your code to sign up to get their own account and makes their first deposit, you’ll both be given £5 straight into your accounts. The great thing about the scheme is that you are not limited to how many times you can share your code or how many times your code can be used by different people. It’s easy to share your code too – it can be done straight from the app!

Want to see more? Watch this video!


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