It’s time to de-clutter your finances

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It’s the first day of Spring (finally!) and it’s time to shed our Winter baggage. After you’ve done your annual ‘spring clean’ you should really make sure you de-clutter your finances too. Getting financially organised does take a little effort, but I promise it will save you so much in time and stress in the future.

If you are part of the ‘1 in 5’ people in the UK who are not financially savvy, don’t panic! Follow these incredibly simple steps to get yourself back in control of your money!

Pay bills – immediately

One way to cut down on the stress of keeping on top of bills is to pay them as soon as they come in. Don’t rely on keeping track of paper bills or emails as you’ll find you can quickly lose sight of what’s due and when it has to be paid by. Paying your bills as soon as you get them also helps to keep your cashflow tight, meaning you have to stick to your budget and you won’t find yourself coming up short and not able to pay any bills.

Automate your savings

The best strategy is to automate paying yourself. Make sure you move money on the same day you get paid and transfer it straight into a different account. The great thing about Monese accounts is that you can receive money straight into your personal current account. All you have to do is use your sort code and account number, and the money will get deposited into your account.

Go Paperless

Try to get rid of as much paper as you can and instead, get all your documents and receipts online. Trying to keep on top of masses of paperwork is a fast way to get get stressed out. Not only do you have to worry about where you store all the stray bits of paper, but you also have to figure out a filing system and consider how long you actually have to keep all these bits of paper. Going paperless means you can store all your important documents conveniently in the cloud, and get access to them wherever you are via your mobile device.


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