Born to be an entrepreneur? Here’s how you’ll know…

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There’s no set formula to becoming an entrepreneur. They come from all walks of life, have achieved various levels of education, had different types of experiences and possess many unique skill sets. Despite their differences, most entrepreneurs will all have one thing in common – their ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, and you can see it in some people, even if they haven’t launched a business yet.

What exactly is the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ that sets them apart from the rest of us? And how do you know if you have it? Let’s explore some of the traits that may mean you were born to be your own boss!

They look to make rules better…

Or they prefer to set them in the first place. Rather than blindly follow the rules, or just do as they are told, entrepreneurs will always try to actively enhance the rules so that they work in a better way or make life easier – not harder or more restrictive. Entrepreneurs also prefer to set the rules themselves so they can fit around their ways of working.

Only they are responsible for their future

Entrepreneurs view themselves as the main drivers for their own futures, and will never rely on others or outside forces to lead them down a path they don’t want to go down. This might seem like a great thing, but it can also mean that they are almost always their own barrier to success, meaning that often their own fears and anxieties can get in the way of their goals, and they have to find ways to overcome them.

Nothing they do is ‘random’

Entrepreneurs never do things that are out of the blue. All decisions are considered and measured, even if they might seem out if the ordinary, or a risky move. This is because they are naturally considerate with their thoughts – they make sure they use the information they have to try and make an accurate prediction about the future, and how best any decision should be played for the biggest return, without being foolhardy.

They don’t care about small decisions…

So they don’t do them! Think about how many stories you’ve read about famous self-made billionaires who wear the same outfit every day. It’s not because they are lazy, or not fashion conscious, it’s because they are not concerned with spending the time to pick out an outfit when they could be using that time to think up a new strategy or hash out a new plan for a product or business move. They’ll always find ways to eliminate the little decisions that most of us would dedicate at least some time to so that they can concentrate on the things that matter most.

They think dreams and ideas are things to be realised…

And not just though about. They’ll always be working to bring their plans into fruition, no matter how outlandish they may seem. Look at Elon Musk – he’s consistently driving his dreams into reality, and making sure that they are executed in the best way possible, delivering new ways of working and bringing incredible technology to the masses. Entrepreneurs will find a way to make them happen, or give them a really good try before moving on to something else.

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