How to banish the Sunday night blues forever!

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Do you find that your anxiety begins to build around 7pm on a Sunday? You’ll start to feel down about the upcoming week and you’ll probably be thinking ‘if only the weekend could be three days long!’. The dread of having to set your alarm for Monday morning creeps in the closer it gets to bedtime, and quite frankly, you’ve had enough of feeling like this. Well, you are not alone. One survey reported that 76% of respondents said they suffer from it, saying that they feel ‘sadness and angst’ during their Sunday nights.

There’s no need to go through this any longer! Here are some positive steps you can take to get rid of the Sunday night blues forever.

Prepare on Friday

The best way to not let the stress of work on Monday is to get prepared for the upcoming week on Friday. I know that there’s a huge temptation to get out of the office as soon as you can on Fridays, but before you leave, make sure you’ve taken some time to work through what you have to do on Monday. Taking the steps to organise your thoughts you’ll free yourself up from having to think about work during your weekend.

Do something fun

Instead of cramming your Saturdays with activities, leave something for Sunday. Make it something that gets you out and about, so you’re not stuck at home (where it’s easier for your mind to wander back onto upcoming work). Try going out later in the day- Sunday evenings are a great time to go to the cinema, or maybe go for a run in the local park. Having something else to focus on before you wind down for bed helps keep the work anxieties at bay.

Don’t work!

How many of us have can honestly say we don’t do a little bit of work on the weekend? We might not break out the laptop and settle down into a spreadsheet, but I’m sure we’ve all checked our work emails a few times at least. This needs to stop! Our weekends are there for us to use to get a break, and by checking in with work during this time we are not giving our minds the rest it really needs.

Try to think it through

Ok, so you’ve started to feel the Monday-panic set in, instead of letting it overwhelm you, try to think it through. What exactly is bothering you? Pin down what it is about the upcoming week that’s getting you down. It could be a range of things from your commute, being overworked with too much on your plate, having back to back meetings or you might be feeling like it’s time to change roles or start something new. By identifying exactly what’s bothering you, you give yourself the power to change it, for good!

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