Your laziness is making you poor – here’s how to stop it!

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Not many people would describe themselves as being lazy, even though most of us have lazy tendencies from time to time; being unmotivated, slow and lacking willpower are not traits we’d like to associate with our personalities. Another thing being lazy does is hit your pockets, hard.

When you are lazy you’ll find any way to get out of a situation, including throwing money at your problem to make it go away. Another thing being lazy does is stop you from managing your money in the first place, so you’ll find yourself spending with no real plan, which can lead to you running out of money and relying on debt to get by. If you can identify with any of these lazy habits, it’s time for a change.

You don’t push for a promotion

Your laziness can hold you back, especially when it comes to your career. If you are not working towards a promotion ask yourself why? Is it because you don’t want to take on any more responsibilities or any extra work that comes with an elevated position in your company? Of course, there are some situations where a promotion wouldn’t be right, but in most cases, if you want to get more money you’ll have to jump up the career ladder, and this involves taking on more specialised and higher-level work. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll take on more ‘hands on’ work. You might have to juggle your time better and work at managing people instead.

You’ll take what’s offered…

Rather than shop around. With all the technology at your fingertips, there is really no excuse to not shop around for a bargain or to save yourself some money. When it comes to getting your energy or insurance renewals make sure you do a comparison before you accept. You might find that another company will offer you a better deal, and then you have something to go back to your original supplier with to see if they can either match or beat the new, lower quote.

You pay others…

For things you cannot be bothered to do. Ok, I can see that spending some of your much needed weekends cleaning your house is something most of us hate doing, so getting the occasional cleaner in is worth it. But what’s it actually costing you? The same for food – how many times a week do you eat out (including lunches)? And think about the amount of food waste you have every week because of it – it’s all money down the drain! It’s totally fine to outsource the bits of your life that you don’t genuinely have time to do, but if you’re just using the time to laze about then actually, you could do it yourself and save some money!

You’re disorganised

Being disorganised can leave you out of pocket too. Ever had a late fee, parking ticket or missed a flight? Yep, most of us can say we have, but not a lot of us have it happen to us regularly. If you are constantly feeling like you’re juggling everything you need to take a moment to sit back and get your life in check. Try to keep track of where your money is going, what bills are due (and when you have to pay them) and keep your paperwork filed properly. It’ll save you so much time in the future and, potentially, stop you from paying totally avoidable penalties and fees.


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