How to make money without having to get another job

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So far in 2017, people in the UK are working an average of 37.7 hours a week, but if you were to ask people about the time they work when at home or on the weekends, that figure would be much higher. There is also a rise in people who also have second jobs to supplement their earnings. What can you do if you literally can’t work any more hours? How can you get some extra cash? Well, here are some top ideas on how you can make some more money without needing to find another job!

Use your skills

Why not use your existing skills to help others, but charge for the pleasure. Join a site like JustAnswer and get paid to answer questions within your area of expertise. You’ll need to prove that you are an actual expert so you will need to provide evidence of professional accreditations and certifications. Information about your education and in some cases your resume too. The pay is pretty decent too (some sites pay up to $20 per answered question), so you can rack up a fairly decent pay-out at the end of the month. Also, consider listing your service on places like Fiverr and Gigbucks. You can offer to do nearly anything for a fee, but the more practical (like DIY or cleaning) or specialist (think creating a logo or something ‘crafty’) is a little better as they are always in demand.

Tidy up

Now’s the time to have a good spring clean and sort through all your old stuff. Rather than throwing out your unwanted or unused stuff, sell it! Seriously, get yourself on eBay and Gumtree and list your items for sale. Look out for special offers for sellers – during these times you can usually list an item for free or at a reduced sale price. If you have unwanted clothes consider selling them as a ‘job lot’ so someone can buy the lot for a fixed price. This works well for similar sized and little-worn items like baby clothes. Don’t set the prices too high and leave yourself a reserve if you wouldn’t mind hanging on to your things – but remember that you are trying to get de-cluttered and make money, so don’t set the reserve way too high that nothing actually sells. 

Rent your spaces

Consider renting out your spare room to make a little extra cash. It doesn’t always need to be a bedroom either, you can rent out any space you have free like a studio, a garage, an unused office and even your driveway! People will even rent out spaces that they can use as storage for their things (think people moving from one place to another). The hardest part is finding someone who needs the space, which you can do easily via an ad. Check out your local newspapers or online forums to see if anyone is looking.

There is an even easier way of making some easy cash – all you have to do is share your Monese referral code! Every time somebody uses your code to sign up to Monese then deposits money into their account for the first time, you both get a free £5! There’s no limit to the number of times your code can be used by different people either, so get sharing now! 


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