Applying for a job? Here’s how to not mess it up

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Are you currently looking for a new job? If you are you’re probably familiar with the application process consisting of find – apply – interview or rejection. It all sounds so simple, but it’s actually a much more complicated process that takes a lot of time and effort if you want to do it properly. This is where the issues arise – the temptation to do a quick job or cut corners on the application is never a good idea! I can guarantee you the hiring manager can tell the difference between those who have made an effort on their applications, and those who’ve done a cut and paste of a pre-prepared stock answer!

If you don’t want to stay on the ‘reject’ pile forever, follow these job application tips to get your c.v noticed for all the right reasons!

Don’t be lazy

If you take anything away from this article, let it be this: Do not be lazy. It’s the number one things that screams REJECT louder than anything else I’ll go through on this list. How do you know if you’re lazy? Well, for starters you probably won’t be the type of person that will go out of their way to do a little research about a company and the role before you apply (both of which you should definitely do!). You’ll also have a set of answers that you’ve used before and you will be all too happy to recycle them (sometimes without even checking they fit). You’ll not be bothered to tailor a new cover letter and you’ll also probably not update your c.v to include all the relevant requirements for the new job.

The good thing is that you don’t have to exert too much more effort to make a massive change in the strength of your application, but yes it will need at least some attention paid to it. Do your research, and make sure that includes the current hiring manager if possible. When it comes to your stock answers do use them – but make sure you take the time to pour through them to make sure they actually fit the job requirements and answer whatever question to the fullest, and not just come across as a generic answer.

Sing your praises – sparingly

Ok, so you’re not just great for the job, you’re the perfect fit and no other candidate will ever be as good as you, and they must know about it, right? Well, yes, but watch your delivery. Nothing is more off-putting than your gentle boasting coming off as arrogance. Think about it, would you want to hire someone who you thought was not going to take direction well, or not want to learn new things? I bet you wouldn’t, nor would the hiring manager! It’s important to self-promote and you need to make sure that your skills, talent and passion for the job are communicated, but don’t make it look like you have nothing more to learn and have no interest in developing or adding value to a new company.

Don’t stop thinking

Just because you’ve bagged an interview it doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down. In fact, you need to engage your brain more than the initial application phase. You’ve successfully managed to get the interviewer interested enough to give you a call or get a meeting, so don’t blow it now! You’re going to have to do some more research, but this time go over your history too. What have you achieved in your current job? Where have you added value? Write down what you want to achieve from your career. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How will the role you’re applying for help in achieving your goals and what do you want to achieve for the business whilst you’re there? When you are talking to the interviewer don’t let there be any awkward silences because you don’t know the answer to something. There shouldn’t be a question that you really can’t answer – especially if it’s about your current job or your history!

If you want to boss your job applications and interviews you’ll have to be proactive, engaging, smart and likeable to impress! Remember that Monese can help you get access to your salary, no matter where you are in Europe (or in fact, the rest of the world!). If you’re moving for work you don’t have to worry about your money or getting a banking account. With Monese you can open a UK current account in as little as 120 seconds, without providing any proof of address or your credit history. All you need to get your UK current account with Monese is our app, an address anywhere in the EEA and your passport or national i.d card. Once you’ve opened your account you’ll get your own contactless Visa card which can be used globally and online and access to a whole host of amazing features via the app! Check us out now!


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