The best ways to make money whilst you travel

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Are you itching to go and see the world, travel through amazing places and experience a whole new way of life? That’s great, but what if your finances won’t quite stretch to anything further than a week away in Costa del Somewhere? You might start to give up on your amazing travel adventure dreams, but you don’t have to! There are things you can do that can mean you can have your cake and eat it – by getting paid whilst you travel.

These are the best ways to earn money whilst you are travelling your way around the world.

Work remotely

If your idea of a dream travel job is to avoid having to attend any type of office and being able to work from anywhere you have your laptop, good coffee and fast wifi, then a remote job will suit you just fine. Working an online job means that you have the freedom to be wherever you like in the world, but there are some downsides; it can be quite isolating, it’s risky not having a permanent position, you have to make sure you’re comfortable working with a team that could literally be thousands of miles away and in a different time-zone and you are reliant on finding a strong wifi connection (which is trickier than it sounds!). If you still want to give it a go here are some job suggestions that you might work for you:


If you know more than one language why not put that skill to work? Being fluent in another language gives you the option to work as a remote translator. There are many companies who need copy translating or would like to have a video transcribed into a different language, or if the time difference is not too great – have you on call for translating calls/conference videos.


This is one of the most popular options for remote working. Offering your writing services to companies who are looking for content, blog posts, articles, website copy, product descriptions and general editing is a great way to earn some money whilst you’re on the road. Having some experience in writing helps, but you don’t need to be a published author to secure work. As long as you have a good writing style, can work to a tight brief and you can provide samples of your work, you should be able to get a job.

Virtual assistant

There are many people who are running successful businesses and need help in organising their time, some of these are already successful digital nomads or travelling entrepreneurs themselves! By being a virtual assistant you take on the responsibility of organising things like meetings, replying to emails, general research and even managing their travel plans by booking flights, hotels etc.

Work a 9-5

If you don’t want to freelance your way around the world don’t think that that counts you out of working abroad. There are now more ways than ever of getting a secure (even for a few months, to a year at a time) job that lets you travel and have incredible experiences, without the lack of job security. These are some of the most popular:


Use your existing skills to teach others. If you speak English fluently you can get a job teaching it abroad. It’s a really common and popular way to earn money overseas so there are many organisations that can help with not only getting you a job but also help with your move, accommodation and getting set up for your new life! There are many teaching jobs across different countries in Asia, so it’s a great idea if you’d like to visit that part of the world.

Tour guide

This is great if you have already been in a place for a while and have lots of local knowledge to share. You can either join an agency that sells the tours and allocates you as one of their guides or offer your own independent tours online. In some places you’ll need to have a licence, so check this out before you set yourself up as a guide.


If you have a skill in photography you should think about offering your services for a fee! Many people and companies are looking for photographers who are willing to travel. You can make a lot of money if you can take excellent photos that people commission you for. Another thing you can do is take photos then sell them to travel publications or stock sites. Also, think about creating photography workshop or tutorials which people can attend and learn tips and tricks about the job.


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