How to get your holiday budget in check

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Is it nearly time for you to book your getaway, or maybe you’d love to finally go on that once in a lifetime trip you’ve always wanted to take? Knowing that you need a holiday and some time off is great, but how can you do it without having buckets of spare cash to use to get you to the dreamy island paradise? The answer is to budget!

Follow these top holiday budget tips to make your next adventure a possibility rather than just a dream!

Know what you need

First things first – what are you going to need for your holiday? Make a really clear list that details everything including:

  • Flights – don’t forget the extras like luggage, food, taxes and seat selection
  • Hotels – remember to include any city taxes or extra hotel fees
  • Insurance – make sure you budget for travel insurance – you shouldn’t ever travel without it
  • Local transport – you’ll be travelling around so think about your daily allowance for trains/taxis and buses. Also, include your transport to and from the airport.
  • Activities – booked any tours? What about attraction tickets?
  • Food – set a generous budget for food, you’ll probably spend far more than you think on eating out and drinks!
  • Shopping – will you be buying any gifts or doing some shopping?

At this stage, your budget won’t necessarily be exact. It’s more of a rough idea of how much things cost and roughly what you’ll need to make your trip work. Once you have that figure you can start saving.

Find a bargain

Now you know what you need you can start on a quest to find the cheapest items possible. When it comes to flights make sure you do a comparison. Use flight checker websites like Skyscanner and Kayak to find the right fight at the cheapest cost for your dates. If you are a little flexible you may even find it’s slightly cheaper.

For hotels use all the regular sites like Tripadvisor and Trivago, but also check out Lastminute’s ‘top secret hotel’ deals. Here they’ll give you a description of the hotel and it’s rough location (so you’ll know what landmarks are nearby) but you won’t know what it’s called until after you have booked. You can get some really great deals that you wouldn’t usually be able to get so it’s worth checking out.


If you do need to take some cash away with you, it’s best to get this changed before you reach the airport as you’ll likely get a better exchange rate. Alternatively, a really great way to save yourself some money by avoiding high bank fees is to get a Monese card. With Monese you don’t have to worry about having access to money when you are abroad. You’ll be able to use your card just like you would at home, use cash machines globally and be able to use your contactless Monese card, all without the fear of hidden charges. Make sure you don’t leave home without one! 


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