It’s time you got selfish!

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Not being selfish is a mannerism that has been ingrained into us all from a young age. We were taught to share, not to be greedy and to try to be generous. But there are times in life where being selfish is the right thing to do – especially when it comes to how you spend your hard earned cash!

Here are some times when being selfish is the best option:


I bet you know someone who is a ‘borrower’, no, not a tiny person who lives under your floorboards who steals thimbles, but someone who is always asking to borrow some cash. You know that person who comes knocking and you instantly think ‘how much do you want now?’. It’s time you got tough on these people! Think about it, how much of the ‘borrowed’ money have you had back? If they did pay you back, when was it – weeks or months later? It can be really hard to say no especially if they are close to you or you do actually happen to have some spare money, but before you hand over the pounds make sure that you will get your money back, and set payment terms too. If they are not willing to stick to them then you have every right to refuse to lend the money. Make sure you never lend money you can’t afford to lose. If it’s going to leave you in some hardship then don’t do it. Remember ‘no.’ is a complete sentence.  

Peer pressure

It’s not just teens that get it, adults do too. Think about it, trying to keep up with the Joneses, needing to have the latest gadgets and trying to live a fully ‘Instagrammable’ life. It’s all money wasting really – I mean how much of this ‘stuff’ makes us really, truly happy? Probably not that much. Instead of caving into the pressure to buy now, switch off for a little bit. Put the money you were going to use to make a purchase to one side and leave it a few days before you buy. It’s highly likely that you’ll find you don’t even want the item anymore, and if you still do then great – buy it because you know you do actually want it and it won’t be a total waste of money.

The friend that sells…

Has a friend of yours found the new greatest thing ever that’s going to transform your life if you just buy a range of the revolutionary (but also expensive) products from them? Just like with the borrowers, it can be really hard to say no. After all, they are your friends and you want to support them, but can you really afford to keep buying products that you actually don’t really want or need? You’ll probably be invited to some sort of party where they are trying to shift their products and the pressure to buy is massively increased, but remember that you really don’t have to spend if you really don’t want to.


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