Try these super simple ways to save money on your bills

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Recently many of us have noticed a rise in prices across the board from energy to groceries; everything just seems to be getting more expensive. Although money may be tight, you don’t have to resign yourself to paying more expensive bills forever – you can still make some savings, you just have to put in a tiny amount of effort! Follow these really easy methods to save yourself some cash:


Do you haggle? The British are not known for being great at it and it’s not something we usually do – but you’ve got to break that habit right now! Sometimes the best way to cut a deal is to haggle the price down or haggle for a better service for the same price (so you get more for your money). If you have been a loyal customer, thinking about leaving or even if you have had some bad customer service, give your supplier a ring and see if they can make you an offer. It really is a simple as making a phone call and asking – you never know how much you could be saving!

Check your actual service

Do you know if you are actually getting what you are paying for? Are you being overcharged for your gas or electricity? What about your broadband – are you getting the speed that you are supposed to? If you’re not sure you need to check right away. Get yourself a ‘smart reader’ which will tell you how much electricity you have used that day and also how much it will cost you. Also, check your broadband speed. You can do this by clicking here. If you find that you are not getting what you are paying for then let your supplier know – you might be able to claim some money back or change to a more suitable package.

Beware of auto-renewal

In theory, auto-renew is great. It allows you to stay covered and not lose any service, but it can also cost you money. When you get your renewal quote through always take a moment to check the details. Then you need to make a comparison. Take your quote and see if a different supplier can beat it. If you like your current supplier’s service but get a better quote, go back to them with the new offer; they might just match it!


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