Supercharge your productivity with these amazing apps

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Thinking about all the things you have to do in one day is enough to make you want to not get out of bed, but time waits for no man! You’ve got a task to complete, a mission to undertake and a goal to achieve, so you really can’t afford for your productive time to be wasted.

To make your day a little easier, get these apps and watch your productivity levels rise!


This app is great if you work with people across the globe, or if you are digital nomading around for a while. It allows you to easily keep track of where your team or clients are and what their local time is. It takes all the guesswork or tedious Googling out of time management and allows you to plan and work ahead of time, without making any mistakes or risking missing a deadline.


This app makes tracking your hours incredibly easy. Even if you are not required to track your hours, you might want to think about doing so, just for your own benefit. The reporting feature is what makes this app so beneficial. You’ll be able to see exactly what you are spending your time on. Knowing which projects and clients are taking up the majority of your time allows you to plan more effectively. It also allows you to take on more work and charge accordingly to the project as you’ll know how long it takes you to complete.


Forget having to scan documents in the old way, now all you need is this app. You can finally clear your desk of useless paper clutter and keep all of them secure, in the cloud. Another great feature of the app is that once you’ve scanned the document you can convert it into an editable PDF, and save it or share it easily. You can use it to scan not only documents but also QR codes and barcodes too.


Sometimes we need some help to zone out of all distractions and just get our head down to work. Noisli helps as it plays a variety of custom background noises that help to ‘make you focused and boost your productivity’. You can choose from different sounds like coffee shop noise, forests, storms or even train on a track – but no matter what you choose they’ll all be distraction free.


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