Solo travel rocks – here’s why…

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Want to go travelling but not sure about going alone? Not all travel requires you to go in a large group, sometimes you just need to get away and do what you want, without having to consult others and get an agreement. It can be worrying heading out on your own, but it also makes for a great adventure! Still not sure? Here’s why you should try it:

You get to really connect

When you travel alone you get a great chance to connect with the place you are visiting. Not being caught up in the usual days by the beach and nights by the bar activities gives you time to explore. You’ll get to find out about the culture and history and the people too, which will give a better, more immersive experience. It also gives you a chance to meet new people outside of your normal social circle, and they’ll probably have some good ideas on what you should see next!

Complete flexibility

One of the major benefits of travelling alone is that you have complete control over how you spend your time. You get to decide exactly what you do and when you do it. It’s also great because you are able to change your decisions whenever you want to fit in with your plans. Think how great it would be to be able to be completely spontaneous on your trip. Being flexible also allows you to find the best deals too, and you won’t have to manage other people’s schedules to make it work either.

Set your own budget

A major part of any trip is the budget and it get’s even more complicated when you are budgeting as part of a group. Travelling alone means you never have to accommodate anyone else’s plans. If you want to spend your budget on expensive hotels and fine dining or prefer to save more and stretch out your trip, you can without the fear of upsetting the group. You also get to decide how you spend and a great option is to get yourself a Monese card. With Monese you can forget about expensive charges for using your card abroad. We have no hidden fees so you can access and spend your money just like you would at home. Find out how you can get yours here.


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