Mindless spender? Here’s how to stop!

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Do you make it a personal mission to count the pennies or are you more of a ‘go with the flow’ kind of spender? If it’s the latter you’ll probably be wasting a lot of your money on things that bring little to no value to your life. Wasting money is an expensive habit that few of us can afford, so if you find yourself wondering where all your money goes you’ll probably need to take on board these money-saving tips!

In-app purchases

You know all those ‘free’ games or other must have apps – well they usually have a reason to be free in the first place, and it’s normally because they will try to get you to make some in-app purchases. Now you might think that a few pounds here or there is not that big a deal, but over time they can really add up. It can be difficult to resist, but you can alter your settings so it’s not so easy to pay for in-app purchases. Instead of buying with just a thumbprint, you can alter your settings to force you to take the extra step of entering a password, or you can even block them altogether.

Branded goods

When we shop it’s easy to just grab the things we recognise first. We rarely take a moment to scan the shelves for cheaper but essentially the same items. The generic item will almost always cost less and deliver the same quality as the branded item. Unless it’s something really specific it’s worth spending a little longer in the supermarket getting to know the unbranded or supermarket own brand versions of the things you love, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save if you make the switch.

Making the minimum payment

If you keep making only the minimum payment on your credit card you are doing yourself a disservice. By paying only the minimum on your card you are going to keep yourself in debt for longer, paying far more in interest and making it more difficult to ever clear your balance. If you are stuck trying to clear an old debt, consider doing a balance transfer to a 0% card, then make sure you pay more than the minimum each month to clear the balance before the 0% period is over.


How many times have you been lured into signing up for a free trial of a subscription based service, then forgotten to cancel in time? Of all those subscriptions how many do you actually use? There is no point in spending money on something that you might use one day, or if it’s really similar to something you already have (like different t.v subscriptions – choose only 1!). Take a moment to narrow down all your subscriptions, and only keep the ones you’ll be lost without!


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