Recently unemployed? Use these budget hacks now!

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Losing your job is never a nice experience. It can be massively overwhelming and quite frankly, a scary time. You’ll be worrying not only about your career and getting a new job but also about paying your bills in the near future. You will be under a lot of stress, but there are positive things you can do to make sure you are in the best shape possible when it comes to your money.

The first step you’ll need to take is to cut your spending, right now:

Cancel your subscriptions

This might be tough at first, but get rid of your subscription based services or at least get rid of the ones you use the least. Do you have more than 1 tv or movie subscription? Chop one or even better get rid of both. What about your music subscriptions – could you go without it for a short while? One type of subscription that you should definitely get rid of straight away are the ‘beauty boxes’ or ‘recipe boxes’. You know, they type you sign up to once and they send you curated packages straight to your door every month/week. You really do not have the money to pay for these right now, and you can always re-start them again once you are in employment.

Call your service providers

Next, you need to get on the phone to all your service providers (think t.v and landline, gas, electricity and water, as well as mobile phone suppliers, credit cards and bank loan companies). Let them know your financial situation as they may be able to help stop your bills from spiralling out of control. You can ask to be put on a fixed lower tariff which will help to keep you in the black, and not get yourself into debt.  

Think ‘little luxuries’

Having to tighten the purse strings is never fun, but it’s particularly hard if you are not sure when things will go back to normal again or when you’ll have more money to afford to treat yourself now and then. Taking the step to cut down your outgoing is important not only because you’ll need the money to cover essentials, but because the more you spend on ‘treats’, the more ‘treats’ you want and subsequently start spending money on.

But when times are tough, completely cutting out any fun in your life is not a great idea. You’ll need to budget in some cash so that you can have some breathing room, to let your hair down or to keep your spirits up while you look for work. You don’t need to budget that much, so have a movie and takeaway rather than going to the cinema and a fancy restaurant!


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