How to not crash your first job…

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So you’ve just landed your first job fresh out of university – great stuff! But now you’ve probably got a whole load of questions, not just about work but also about the complexities of office life and culture. It’s important that you make the right impression when you start working – come in too strong and you’ll get known for being annoying or having a massive ego; too laid back and reserved and you’ll get overlooked! So before you head off for your first day, have a read of some of the gentle reminders and tips below to kick off your career in the right way!

The very first impression:

So here it is, your first day and you’ve just arrived at work (on time too – don’t be late!). There will be what feels like a million new faces, names and roles to remember and it can all get a little overwhelming. This is where you’ll have to take a moment to take it all in. Your new manager should have organised a settling in period for you, so you’ll have a moment to gather your thoughts – make sure you bring with you a notepad and pen to jot down anything that you think you’ll need to remember or to write down any questions that you want to clear up. Be friendly and respectful – you’ll find that others will come and introduce themselves to you so use it to make a great first impression.

What’s the deal with music?

Ok, so you’re at your desk and you’ve got some busy work to get on with – is it ok to plug in your headphones, get some music on and dive right in – yes! But try to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t go blasting your music so loud that others around you can hear it too, there’s nothing more annoying than the buzzing of someone else’s music. Al, o think about the timing – you don’t want to come across as being insular or rude if you sit with your earbuds in constantly. People will avoid chatting with you (which can be useful sometimes), and you may find yourself left out of the loop in your team.

After work drinks?

Some industries will throw parties or events more than others, but in most workplaces, you can expect to go for after work drinks with your colleagues from time to time. Of course, it’s a nice why to get to know them a little better, in a non-formal manner, but remember they are still your co-workers – so don’t push your alcohol intake too far. It’s a safe bet to stick to 2 drinks at social events. This way you’ll avoid getting too intoxicated and will maintain some composure but still have a nice time. 


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