Freelance life getting you down? Here’s how to cope…

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Freelancing has some great upsides. You have the freedom to choose your work and projects, and who you work with. It’s also great if you want the choice of travelling and working remotely. Having the choice to go after what you want in your career is what most of us are looking for, but the freelance life can have some pitfalls too. Here are some of the downsides to freelancing, and how you can overcome them:


Freelancing can be lonely, especially if you are working remotely. Yes, you’ll have the freedom to work from wherever you want, but more often than not it’ll be your home office. So how do you make sure that you get some face-to-face human interaction? A great option is to join a coworking space. There are now many different companies large and small that offer flexible desk or office space that you can rent. Some work on a monthly rental, but others offer flexible weekly or even daily rents, so there should be a space out there that suits your needs. The benefit of coworking spaces is that you’ll be able to get that office culture, but without any of the politics that come with it. You’ll be mixing with other freelancers and digital nomads, plus small start-ups that are doing really cool things.


How do you continue to have great ideas and make sure you can offer your clients the best results from them? It’s tricky when you don’t have loads of people around you to bounce creative ideas around, or to chat about something new they’ve heard or seen recently. Here’s where you’ll have to spearhead your own creativity. To do this make sure you spend part of your day reading the trade press, check out what’s going on locally (like talks, conferences or networking events) and see if you can fit in some time to take a course. This doesn’t need to be anything too ‘heavy’, but something that will keep you interested and give you focus outside of work.

Maintaining control

Being a freelancer means you will have to make sure that you can stay on top of your work and maintain control over the results you promised to deliver. Doing this whilst not being a permanent member of staff is not as easy at it may seem at first. Make sure you take accountability by setting yourself goals and targets. Doing so will keep you on track. Another way is to make sure you have scheduled status meetings so you can share your targets with others – this will also keep you focused on achieving your goal.


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