Want to save money? Then you might want to wait before you spend…

The saying goes ‘the early bird catches the worm’, but when it comes to spending money this isn’t necessarily true. Getting in early is not always the best way to save yourself some money, or grab the best deals. Here are some times you may want to hold off and wait before you buy:


Most of us know that buying your food locally and cooking at home is far cheaper than eating out or getting a takeaway, but did you know that the time when you shop also matters? Try to do your food shopping at the end of the day, or nearer to closing time (about an hour or so before) as you’re likely to find loads of items that are near their sell-by date that are massively reduced. The thing to remember is that the items you’re buying are not going to go bad or be already out of date – the sell-by date is a guide for when stores have to sell the product by, not by when it can be eaten. Look for the ‘use-by’ date instead – this is when it’s advised you can still eat the produce. When you are doing your shop, check the ends of aisles, and look for the bright stickers – these are usually the discounted items.


Ok, so this one is tricky. You’ll need to be really flexible about where you go and how you get there, but you can often snap up really good deals if you buy last minute. If it’s just the travel you are looking for then get on to places like Skyscanner, you can put in your travel dates and select anywhere in the whole world to visit! It’ll sort flights by the cheapest – so you could be jetting off somewhere amazing for far less than usual. As for hotels, you can usually get a good deal if you need a room within the next couple of days as hotels would rather sell them at a cheaper rate than seeing them go empty. It’s worth calling a few up to see what they can offer you. Even if you don’t get a discounted rate you may get some extras thrown in, like free breakfast or a later checkout.


If you like spending your weekends wandering around a farmers market or a boot sale then try to go a little later in the day. Similar to food shopping – you’ll find the best deals later in the day near to the closing time. You’ll also have a lot more bargaining power at the end of the day as the seller will want to get rid of their goods, rather than take them home again!


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